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Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)

Lab prova | Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is the inventor of laser-based particle counting and the largest particle counter manufacturer in the world, since 1972 continually reaffirming technology leadership position.
We are proud to have this company as our partner, based on exclusivity for the territories of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro.
Dedicated specialized engineers, professional technical support, service and on-site calibration, design, installation, setup and validation are our main advantages.
As experts in GMP regulations for viable and non-viable environmental monitoring, we can help you to improve your aseptic processes when and where you need it most.

Air Particle Counters

Variety of instruments are designed for cleanroom work with unique needs in mind.
The multipurpose aerosol particle counter Lasair® III can be used for both remote and mobile routine cleanroom monitoring and certification, meeting the requirements of ISO 14644-1:2015 and ISO 21501-4.
True measuring of 0.1μm is possible with Lasair® III 110 laser diode-based particle counter.
IsoAir® 310P and Airnet® II air particle sensors are designed for reliable real-time use with internal vacuum pump or in conjunction with external vacuum installation, available with different communications protocol such as Ethernet, Modbus, OPC, WiFi, Analog 4-20mA for full compatibility with new or the existing monitoring system.

Microbial Sampling and Sterility Assurance

Innovative MiniCapt® mobile microbial air sampler combined with the BioCapt® single-use microbial impactor simplifies the job of microbial air sampling by applying modern data management capabilities that save time and reduce operator error, and at the same time minimize false positives for microbial activity in pharmaceutical cleanrooms by reducing contamination from handling of agar plates.
MiniCapt® is also available as remote instrument ensuite in stainless steel housing with HEPA filtered exhaust, it is ideal for aseptic environments.
BioCapt® microbial impactor with precision-cut slits to ensure laminar flow, maximizes collection and biological efficiencies is also available as a standard stainless steel item for multiple use.

Facility Monitoring Systems

With developing the FacilityPro® industrial automation architecture, PMS opened a new era in terms of system reliability and data integrity.
The data processing is performed by the processor while the data management, display, and storage are performed by the software.
Those two main system components (processor and software) are available in different versions, with a number of intelligent features, covering a wide range of system designs and applications.

Liquid Particle Counters

The APSS-2000 liquid particle counter sizes and counts suspended particulate matter in a wide range of liquids to meets all current U.S., European and Pharmacopoeia standards.
Along with USP 788 for particulate matter in injections, the APSS-2000 pharmaceutical liquid particle counter has recipe functions that allow it to adapt to future regulatory changes, and its small sample volume minimizes the waste of expensive product.
User-friendly SamplerSight Pharma software allowing reports to meet 21 CFR 11 regulations for electronic records and signatures.

Lab prova | Cleanroom Validation

Lab prova | OUR PARTNERS

Cleanroom Validation

LAB PROVA was founded with the aim to fulfill the need of the local market for laboratory that would be able to provide professional cleanroom validation service. Specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, through the years, naturally shaped our professional approach, dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Knowledge about applications, experience, research and development helped us to establish strong co-operation with world leading manufacturers of measuring equipment, for a wide range of industrial applications.